Successful Teer News 26-02-2018

Welcome to On the  26-02-2018 our common target fully successful both Shillong Teer And Khanapara Teer Results. We got Two Direct success 1st Shillong S/R 51  And  Khanapara S/R 01.

So now we will explain to you that how to calculate the teer results Successful and what is the correct formula for all teer can use it also any teer games. So at first, we are going to show you the calculation of Shillong teer results successful.


Shillong S/R 51 successful right? So now your thinking that how can we calculate the correct teer results successful and what is the formula right? Wait we will explain you from the detail ok. If you really want to learn something then you have given the time to better understand ok. So let start the calculation.

 Shillong S/R 51 (26-02-2018). So this result is date 26-02-2018 right. 

NOTE: 0=1 for all Teer calculations…

First step…

Take the previous Shillong teer result of 24-02-2018 ok. Because 25-02-2018 is Off.  So The results were F/R 10 AND S/R 11 Ok. Now you have to do multiple. 10 x 10 = 100 and 11 x 11 = 121 ok. Now you finished the first step. So now we are going to the second step.

second step…

You have 100 and 121 now. Now take the value of all digits ok. I will show you how can you do that…



So now you got that value ok 100 = 655 and 121 = 676 . Now we have almost finished the calculation. Its time to choose the correct numbers ok let me show you how to choose the numbers…

At first, we choose numbers from 100 ok.

100 and 655. The numbers are 16,15,00,01,06,05,61,60,51,50,55. So now this our first numbers… And do the same method on 121 and 676. the number are 12,11,16,17,21,26,27,61,62,67 . Ok, now we got all the numbers… now you have to choose which numbers are better to play… you can play the numbers both F/R AND S/ R. If You have any confusion then you can easily visit our website for daily target or common numbers…

Now we are going to show you how you can successful calculation for Khanapara Teer Result…


So now we were successful in 26-02-2018 S/R  result 01. Lets start the calcuulationof Khanapara Teer Successful Result…

The First step is.

This first step is little hard but you can do this.. we will show you the formula. Now we are going to calculate the results of date 26-02-2018 right? So now you need some previous results ok. Not the 24-02-2018 ok. you have to take the results of date 20-02-2018 and 21-02-2018 ok.

In the Khanapara teer result calculation, you never take the before previous results like if you want to calculate date 26-02-2018 then don’t take the results of date 25-02-2018 ok. because its never working on it. you have to take them before 4-5 days previous results ok.

So now we are going to take the date 20-02-2018 and 21-02-2018 results. The results are date 20-02-2018 is F/R 29 AND S/R 77. And date 21-02-2018 results are F/R 18 AND S/R 12 OK.

The second step is…

Calculate the numbers ok, how to calculate we will show you some example…

NOTE: 0=1 for all Teer calculations..

date 20-02-2018…






We got the first digit is 0, again do this left-hand side ok…







the second digit we got 8, so now do the same method on date 21-02-2018 ok…







So now we got third digit 0, now do this same process left-hand side…







So now we got the last digit 1 ok. So now we have almost finished the calculation…

In the last step…

We find four digits ok.. the digits are 0,8,0 and 1. So finally its time to select the correct numbers ok… We are going to select the numbers ok…

The numbers are.. 08,00,01,80,81,10 and 18 .  Ok, now we got all the target number of date 26-02-2018 ok … Now you have to choose which numbers you want to play. If you want to play all the numbers then its all depends on you…

Note: date 26-02-2018 S/R results is 01.

Thank you.. visit again…


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